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Always Striving for the Best

Are you the type of person that feels the need to have the best of everything in order to succeed? Let's face it, we can all admit to having felt this way at least once in our life. As a creative type, I will admit to being guilty of this and it really pushed me into exploring all different types and kinds of arts. I explored everything from basic drawing to extravagant fondant cake making, from using multiple disposable cameras to professional video editing. I even took up crocheting and needle felting (both very useful for making photography props might I add).

Ultimately, I came to terms with the fact that I needed to re-center myself and not get lost in always needing more in order to achieve better results. In fact, it almost became a safety net and forced me to put off pursuing a true passion of mine, which is photography. This need to try every arts and crafts technique I saw ended up overwhelming me and I feel delayed my growth as a photographer because I was constantly distracted. I really lived up to the phrase "Jack of all trades, but master at none" and I became determined to change this.

Though photography has been in my life for as far back as I can remember, I doubted myself and held back for many years. Common excuses revolved around the idea and thoughts that I needed the best equipment and the best props available to thrive in this profession. While both great equipment and props will definitely aid in capturing beautiful images, the style of the photographer is really what counts.

Turns out, sometimes you need hit the pause button and just use the tools at hand and let the creative juices flow!

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