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How Much Do University Of Michigan Graduates Make

How much you can make: Health educators earn a average salary of $62,120. The top 10 percent in this field earn more than $101,890 and the bottom 10 percent earn $33,720, according to BLS data . What you’ll do : Your role as a health educator depends quite a bit on where you work. According to Michigan's ABA-required employment disclosures, 98% of the graduates of the Class of 2019 were employed or seeking an advanced degree. This includes the 93% of the class who had obtained jobs requiring a J.D.

[35] Of the Class of 2019, 59.3% were employed by firms of greater than 100 attorneys [36] and 17.6% obtained clerkships. [36] Explore Wingate University reviews, rankings, and statistics. Is it the right college for you?. 39 Graduates. Kinesiology and Exercise Science. 37 Graduates. Human Services. 34 Graduates. Business. 26 Graduates. Marketing.. my classes were very small which was a great way to make connections with my teachers and ask for help.

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